Inside Passage
A work for solo trombone, trombone choir, and percussion (optional).

Duration: 7' 30"
Difficulty: 4/5

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Inside Passage features a trombone soloist playing the principal theme, sometimes striving with the ensemble, sometimes soaring above it, moving in and out of the tensions manifest in the work’s dissonance and rhythm, achieving resolution through a chorale and ending on a definitive major chord.

The title was taken from a Sierra Club desk calendar that contained a beautiful photograph of Alaska’s Inside Passage, taken from the ocean looking shoreward, with a brilliant, yellow-white sun hovering over the far horizon, warmly illuminating the dark, rippled water in the foreground. This evocative image breathed life into my imagination, its name not only a reminder of the staggering grandeur of creation, but also a metaphor for the inward sacred journey.
Commission & Performance History
Inside Passage was commissioned by Roy Main, trombonist, Los Angeles, CA. Premiered on November 18, 1984 at California State University in Los Angeles by the Cal State L.A. Trombone Ensemble with Roy Main directing.

Inside Passage was performed by the Marshall University Trombone Ensemble during J.A.C. Redford’s 2004 residency there.