Five Sonnets
A song cycle for soprano with piano accompaniment to poems by E. E. Cummings.

Duration: 12' 30"
Difficulty: 4/5

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I. i thank You God for most this amazing

II. when serpents bargain for the right to squirm

III. so many selves(so many fiends and gods

IV. all ignorance toboggans into know
V. your homecoming will be my homecoming–

Commission & Performance History
Five Sonnets was commissioned by Patricia C. Redford, soprano, Salt Lake City, Utah, and premiered on February 15, 1976 at the College of the Desert in Palm Springs, CA by Patricia C. Redford with Ren Anderton accompanying.

Songs from the cycle have since been interpreted by a number of singers, among them Lani Poulson, Eileen O’Hern and Karen Hogle Brown. Five Sonnets was performed by Erin Kishpaugh, accompanied by Michelle Hontz, during J.A.C. Redford’s 2004 residency at Marshall University, in partial fulfillment of Ms. Kishpaugh’s Master of Arts degree. Her thesis was devoted to J.A.C. Redford’s A Psalm Triptych as Sonic Altarpiece.